The perfect pack for experts in strength training, who perform a high volume of training and are looking for a wide variety of resistances for their different routines. Also ideal for sharing the kit between athletes of different levels. The most versatile pack: improve your fitness, improve your performance and protect yourself from injuries or postural pain. Adaptable to any level from non-athletic to professional.

Mobile device or tablet not included in the pack. Compatible with Android for the PRO version. Compatible with IOS only for HOME version.

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  • Innovative and exclusive wireless sensor capable of recording the traction force applied in a wide variety of dynamic and static muscle training actions.
  • It records force data and sends it wirelessly to a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.
  • The exclusive Suiff® Pro Mobile App receives and processes the data sent by the Suiff® Pro sensor and presents it to the user in real time.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of training machines (suspension training, all types of pulleys, elastic bands, isoinertial machines and much more.
  •  Aimed at fitness and rehabilitation professionals
  • Functional assessment of muscle strength in dynamic and isometric actions
  • Biofeedback strength training