Eccotek Training Force® – Conical Pulley


When you don't know if you're more excited about its aesthetics or its performance. When your pulse quickens both when looking at it from the outside and from the inside. When you discover that it attracts all eyes both for its versatility and strength.

You have no choice, you have to train, measure and optimize performance with Eccotek Training Force®







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  • It offers a system free of resistance to gravity through the rotational cone of inertia with a cam variable, storing the energy of the athlete or subject and providing through the concentric contraction that releases the energy back to the athlete or subject, which is dissipated during eccentric contraction.
  • It allows us to imitate the sports gestures of any discipline, generating a wide variety of exercises, making them more efficient.
  • It offers four adjustment modes that allow the user to customize the speed and strength in relation to the sports gesture.
  • Eccotek It is especially indicated for rehabilitation treatments of tendinous and muscular pathologies, helping patients to overcome physical and emotional barriers associated with injuries.


  • Ankle Belt
  • Aerosling
  • Roswstick
  • Upper Body Wall Bar
  • various handles
  • Multi-ring vest/harness
  • Lectern / Exhibitor for tablet
  • Tablet
  • 7mm rope. Price per meter. Minimum purchase 5 meters
  • Eccotek additional pulley to make hoist
  • (see more optional accessories)
  • *Sensor not included. Compatible with Suiff Pro or CHR