Thinking of creating your own center?
APRIL, 2022
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Byomedic System


New trends in the Box Onmove Center
We know the first BOX of Onmove Center in Barcelona, born from the illusion of three brave Sevillians living in Barcelona and entrepreneurs whose way of seeing life was not stopped by Covid-19. Equipped 100% with our BFL brand, Ignacio Palomares CEO and Founder, they opened last February and already have more than 250 clients.

"When you work on what you are passionate about, it doesn't matter how many hours you have to dedicate to it" is how an entrepreneur is truly born.


It has more than 150 square meters for personalized training, group training, High Performance sports, Rehabilitation and many more services.

To train better you need quality and good advice, BFL provides it to us.

Ignacio Palomares «Ceo»